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Rooms and Equipment


Group Study Rooms are available.

Study Carrels (Faculty and Graduate Students) 

Equipment Checkout Policies

  • Users who check out equipment or technology are subject to the Library's Circulation Policies
  • Located at first floor checkout desk
  • Available to current Southeastern undergraduate and postgraduate students with a valid Southeastern ID
  • Users are subject to the Southeastern Student Code of Conduct and Responsible Computing Policy
  • All pieces must be returned in person on the date due before closing; see Library Hours
  • Availability is not guaranteed; items are available on a first-come first-served basis
  • User is financially responsible for all penalties incurred, including damages, misuse and late fees, up to the cost of repair or replacement 
  • Specialists may be consulted regarding repair costs; repair costs may vary and users may not be billed immediately
  • Equipment cannot be reserved or renewed
  • Continued use of equipment may be approved in person depending on availability and at the discretion of Library employees
  • Privilege may be revoked at any time due to damage, late returns, or other misuse


Please note: equipment may look different than pictured below

Graphing Calculator

Scientifc and Graphing Calculators

Available for 14 day check out. Click on image or device name for more information.
User Manual for TI-30XIIS
User Manual for TI-36X Pro Guidebook
User Manual for TI-84 Plus CE
User Manual for TI-84 Plus



Available for 28 day check out. Click on image or device name for more information.

Instructions for connecting to campus wifi via Google/Android devices
Instructions for creating a student Microsoft Office account for browser use  


Stereo Headphones

Available for 4 hour check out.


USB Microphone Headsets

Available for 4 hour check out.

Portable CD/DVD Drive

External CD/DVD Drives

Available for 4 hour check out.


Portable PA System

Available for 7 day check out. 


Voice Recorder

Available for 7 day check out. 

Logitech Web Camera


Available for 4 hour check out. 

Laser Pointer

Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer

Available for 7 day check out. 





Available for 7 day checkout. Includes power cord and HDMI cable.