Clark Forrest Collection


Box 1 --Albany and Hungarian Settlement Material


1. Essay concerning the history of Albany, 1 page, n. d.

2. History of Farmers' Cooperatives and Associations of Albany, Livingston Parish, Louisiana (xerox copy from Southeast Louisiana Historical Papers, Vol. 6, 1979)

3. Petition to Incorporate the Village of Albany in Livingston Parish, Louisiana (3 copies)

4. List of Municipal Officers of Albany, Louisiana, 1952-1984 (2 copies)

5. Genealogy Charts for Kinchen Stewart and Grady Stewart

6. List of Committee Members for Albany Anniversary Celebration

7. Minutes of June 6, 1989, Organizational meeting to formulate plans to recognize Grady Stewart (2 copies)

8. Draft Minutes, Albany Anniversary Celebration, July 11, 1989

9. Draft Minutes, Albany Anniversary Celebration, July 25, 1989

10. Draft Minutes, Albany Anniversary Celebration and Draft Agenda, August 8, 1989

11. Draft Minutes, Albany Anniversary Celebration and Draft Agenda, August 22, 1989 (9 copies)

12. Draft Minutes, Albany Anniversary Celebration and Draft Agenda, September 5, 1989 (11 copies)

13. Minutes of the September 12, 1989 Planning Meeting for the Albany Anniversary Celebration (4 copies)

14. Draft Agendas for Albany Village Anniversary Celebration

15. Final Agenda for Albany Village Anniversary Celebration, October 2 and October 6, 1989 (3 copies)

16. Flyers for Albany Anniversary Celebration, October 21, 1989 (7 copies-2 drafts and 5 final)

17. Invitation for 36th Anniversary of Albany, October 21, 1989

18. Program for Village of Albany Anniversary Celebration and Senator Grady Stewart Memorial, Albany High School, October 21, 1989 (3 copies)

19. Albany Pays Tribute to Late Mayor, (Grady Stewart), Denham Springs-Livingston Parish News, October 26, 1989

20. Handwritten letters concerning Albany Anniversary Celebration

21. "Good Day in Albany," Nick Nacks by Nicholas R. Murray, Sun, June 16, 1976 (newspaper copy and typed copy)

22. "Railroad Line Named Albany in 1908," Livingston Leader, September 10, 1986

23. Photograph of school bus on Wagner Road, Albany, La., Morning Advocate, October 30, 1986

24. Americans from Hungary by Emil Lengyel, n. d. (xerox copy)

25. Hungary's Cardinal Mindszenty, Time, Vol. LIII, No. 7, February 14, 1949

26. Advertisement about the Crown of St. Stephen, New York Times, November 23, 1977, P. 39

27. SZABADSAAG, an American newspaper in the Hungarian Language, 1973

28. VILÁG,, an American newspaper in the Hungarian Language, 1975

29. Viltis, A Folklore Magazine, Vol. 32, No. 4, December 1973 (4 xerox copies)

30. "Land of Szabadsag, Community's Pride in Heritage Apparent" (Hungarian Settlement) by Merlin Howze, Sunday Advocate, January 21, 1968

31. "Author Works to Debunk Stereotypes of Hungarians," by Laszlo K. Domjan, Sunday Advocate, June 17, 1979, Sec. F, P. 16 (4 xerox copies)

32. Harvest Day School, Half a Century of Progress, Hungarian Settlement, 1893-1943, November 6, 1943 (Program given in the Community House in commemoration of a Half Century of Progress made by the Hungarian People from the beginning of the Settlement up to the present day)


BOX 1 Continued--Albany and Hungarian Settlement Material


33. Demography and Evolution in an Immigrant Ethnic Community: Hungarian Settlement, Louisiana, USA by Tibor Koertvelyessy, Dept. of Anthropology, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, Reprint from J.biosoc.Sci (1983) 15

34. Assorted handwritten papers regarding Hungarian culture

35. Origin and Growth of Agricultural Extension in Louisiana, 1860-1948: How it Opened the Road for Progress in Better Farming and Rural Living, by Frederick W. Williamson, LSU, 1951 (xerox copies of pages 176 and 177 (reference to Rev. Alex Bartus); 196, 281, and 282 (reference to Livingston Parish)

36. Our Hungarian People (The Hungarians of Albany) by Dr. Bertram E. Groene; Our Italian People (History of Independence) by Frank L. Anzalone; Our Indian People by Mrs. James Polk (Irene) Morris; Our French People, by Joe Robichaux; Our Lebanese People, by Mrs. Ernest Bahm, Ninth Annual Agri-Dustrial Futurama, SLC Coliseum, Hammond, Louisiana, April 16-19, 1970 (xerox copies)

37. Map of Hungarian Colony, situated in HR 39-T-6-6 and HR 38-39-51 Sec. 1-2 T-7-6

38. Listings for New Orleans Public Library Lectures, October 30-November 20, (No year) (One of the Lectures on Hungarian Settlement)

39. "Hungarian Memories," Daily Star, October 25, 1968

40. Newspaper article on the 60th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Vargo, June 16, 1974

41. Newspaper articles concerning the Hungarian Harvest Dance (1975-77)

42. "Hungarian Settlement Marker," Denham Springs News, May 8, 1975

43. "Hungarian Settlement Marker Dedication, Hungarian Dinner Set," Denham Springs News, May 15, 1975

44. Newspaper articles concerning the dedication of the Hungarian Settlement Historical Marker, Murray Newspaper, May 21, 1975; Denham Springs News, May 22, 1975

45. "Hungarians are Celebrated" (Historical Marker), Hammond Vindicator, May 27, 1975

46. "Albany Farmer Receives Conservation Award" [Geza Kovach], Denham Springs News, December 2, 1976

47. Traditional Hog Butchering, Hungarian Culture is preserved, Sun, April 6, 1977

48. "Geza Kovach is Buried," Denham Springs News, March 24, 1977 (xerox copy)

49. "Arpadhon Dinner Slated," Denham Springs News, March 31, 1977 (2 xerox copies); "Hungarian Festival Slated," Denham Springs News, November 9, 1978 (2 xerox copies); Flyer about Arpadhon Hungarian Settlement Festival Night, May 18, 1991

50. Newspaper articles concerning Hungarian Language Classes, Sun, January 26, 1977; Sun, July 13, 1977; Denham Springs News, July 21, 1977

51. Project Harom, Livingston Parish Trilingual Program, 1977-78 (xerox copy)

52. Flyers about Hungarian Dinner sponsored by Albany Presbyterian Church, 1990 and 1994

53. Newspaper article concerning Albany and Hungarian Settlement, Denham Springs and Livingston Parish News, November 27, 1980

54. "Hungarians Remember Settlers," Livingston Leader, November 9, 1983

55. "SLU Production inspired by Hungarian Family," Daily Star, September 21, 1984 (about the play Times Leaves Me By about Rev. Alexander Bartus and his family)

56. Program for Time Leaves Me By, by Kay Butler, Play by Southeastern Louisiana University Theatre about Rev. Alex Bartus and his family

57. "SLU Salutes Local Community," What's Going On, Denham Springs-Livingston Parish News, October 19, 1987

58. Flyer advertising Hungarian Heritage Night, May 6, 1989; Flyer advertising Harvest Dance Celebration, October 3, 1998; Flyer advertising Harvest Dance Celebration, October 6, 2001

59. Our Hungarian Church at Albany as Seen by the Secular Press, The Presbyterian Survey, January 1926 (3 xerox copies of page 46)

60. A History of the Presbyterian Church in Louisiana, by Penrose St. Amant, 1961 (3 xerox copies of pages 222-225 which mentions the Hungarian Presbyterian Church)

61. "Hungarian Presbyterian Church Re-chartered," Hammond Vindicator, February 7, 1974

62. Hungarian Presbyterian Church Program, March 7, 1976 (occasion of the employ of the first "American" pastor, Rev. Robert E. Kilgore)

63. "Hungarian Church 75 Years Old," Presbyterian, Livingston Leader, March 9, 1983

64. Calendar Lists for Alex Bartus Family Collection at Montreat Presbyterian Archives

65. Calendar Lists for Alex Bartus Family Collection at Southeastern Louisiana University Archives and Special Collections

66. "Presbyterian Personality, Strawberry Preacher," by Gene Warren, Presbyterian Survey, The Official Magazine of the Presbyterian Church, U. S., March 1978 (article about Rev. Alex Bartus)

67. Louisiana Nursing Homes Journal, Vol. 3, No. 5, June 1972 (photograph of Rev. Alex Bartus is in it)


Box 2 --Rev. Alexander Bartus and Livingston Parish Material


1. Short biography of Rev. Alexander Bartus by Louis Bartus

2. Rev. Alexander Bartus: Strawberry Preacher by Louis C. Bartus

3. "Parish Minister Honored for Service to Church and Community," Times-Star, Denham Springs, Louisiana, February 1, 1968

4. Newspaper articles concerning Rev. Alexander Bartus, 1968-77

5. My Great Adventure by Alexander Bartus, September 26, 1970 (2 copies)

6. An Oral History: Recollections of Mr. Louis Bartus about his father the Rev. Alex Bartus and the Hungarian Harvest Dance Festival, taped and transcribed by Artie Fellom Carpenter, November 6, 1983

7. Letter from Franklin Roosevelt to Rev. Alexander Bartus, September 24, 1935

8. Letter from Clark Forrest concerning the Bartus family attempting to obtain a new nursing home, June 4, 1975

9. "New Nursing Home to Open," Hammond Vindicator, July 24, 1975

10. Memorial to Alexander Bartus, 1977

11. Program for Memorial Service to Rev. Alexander Bartus, July 10, 1977

12. Newspaper articles concerning the memorial for Rev. Alexander Bartus, 1977

13. Condolence letters to Mr. Bartus from Clark Forrest, May 10, 1977 and January 15, 1980

14. Condolence letter to Louis Bartus from Esther Nagy, January 24, 1980

15. Autobiographical story of Goldie Szekely Bartus, born July 26, 1899 and died January 4, 1980

16. Events leading to the incident involving leaving the mule out in the field by Louis Bartus

17. By-Laws of First Hungarian Farmers Co-operative Association, Inc. (2 copies--Half of each in English and Hungarian)

18. Account book of Julius Bruskay for A. W. Kinchen, 1908 (xerox)

19. Letter from Illinois Central Railroad Company to John Kovacs about $25 donation to the Presbyterian Church of Springfield

20. Letter from Mercy Lobell regarding books by Leslie Konnya about Hungary, n. d. (2 xerox copies)

21. Letter from Pauline Martin concerning László Kerékgyártó  from Budapest, Hungary being a guest of the Livingston Parish Bilingual Program and the Hungarian Settlement, June 26, 1980 (2 xerox copies)

22. Letter from Clark Forrest to the editor of Szabadsag, February 18, 1982 (3 xerox copies)

23. Livingston Times, Springfield, October 5, 1906 (xerox copy)

24. Livingston Times, Springfield, March 13, 1908 (xerox copy)

25. Livingston Times, Springfield, May 21, 1909 (xerox copy)

26. Livingston Times, Springfield, September 17, 1909 (xerox copy)

27. Livingston Times, Springfield, October 8, 1909 (xerox copy)

28. Livingston Times, Springfield, July 6, 1911 (xerox copy)

29. Livingston Times, Walker, September 18, 1913 (xerox copy)

30. Livingston Times, Walker, December 7, 1916 (xerox copy)

31. Livingston Times, Walker, March 22, 1917 (xerox copy)

32. Livingston Times, Walker, April 5, 1917 (xerox copy)

33. Livingston Times, Walker, April 12, 1917 (xerox copy)

34. Livingston Times, Walker, July 5, 1917 (xerox copy)

35. Livingston Times, Walker, August 23, 1917 (xerox copy)

36. Livingston Times, Walker, October 11, 1917 (xerox copy)

37. Livingston Times, Walker, October 18, 1917 (xerox copy)

38. Livingston Times, Walker, November 15, 1917 (xerox copy)

39. Livingston Times, Walker, February 20, 1919 (xerox copy)

40. Livingston Parish News, Friday, November 5, 1948

41. History of Livingston Parish, Louisiana, n. d. (4 mimeographed sheets)

42. History of Livingston Parish, Louisiana by Marcus Carter Rownd, Sr. (He lived from 1884- 1948)

43. "History of Livingston Parish, Louisiana, Part 2," by Marcus Carter Rownd, Ponchatoula Times, April 27, 1989

44. The American Counties, A record of the origin of the names of the 3,072 counties, dates of creation and organization, area, 1960 population, historical data, etc. of the fifty states, by Joseph Nathan Kane, 1962 (xerox copy of pages 142, 143, 170 (Livingston Parish), and 171

45. Greater Denham Springs Chamber of Commerce, Livingston Parish Profile, July 1978 and 1980; Special Area Profile, Livingston Parish, Good Neighbors, Positive Changes, n.d.

45b. Springfield Cemetery, March 2004, Letter to descendants of Family Members Buried in the Springfield Cemetery

45c. French Settlement Historical Society, Inc, Newsletter, Vol XIII, Number I, January 27, 2003

45d. John Threeton Memorial Springfield Cemetery (program) and "A Man Killed by Cannon Years Ago (1 page article)


Edward Livingston Historical Association

46. A Brief History of Livingston Parish's Lost Eastern Frontier, 1832-1869 by James Morris Perrin (a presentation given to the Edward Livingston Historical Association)

47. "Across the State, Edward Livingston Historical Association new officers named," Sunday Advocate, August 21, 1977, Sec. G, P. 7

48. Edward Livingston Historical Association to Meet Sunday, Denham Springs News, November 9, 1978

49. Notes written by Clark Forrest concerning the Edward Livingston Hist. Association, Inc., 1979; speech given by Mercy Lobell to the Livingston Parish Tourist Commission, May 16, 1991

50. Speaker Jerry Sanson talks about Jimmy Morrison at Edward Livingston Historical Association meeting, Livingston Leader, May 19, 1982; Also Jerry Purvis Sanson vita

51. Edward Livinston Historical Association ELHA Bulletin, January 2008


Economic Development Board

51. Capital Economic Development District Council, Inc., 1973

52. Louisiana's Industrial Development Bond Programs, 1970s (xerox copy)

53. Information concerning the creation of the Industrial Development Board of Livingston Parish, September 2, 1980

54. By-laws of the Industrial Development Board of Livingston Parish, September 10, 1980

55. Criteria for Evaluating Projects with Respect to the Industrial Development Board of Livingston Parish, October 1, 1980

56. Letter to Florence S. Crowder, secretary, Livingston Parish Industrial Board from Alex Theriot, Jr., & Associates, Inc. dated October 2, 1980

57. Tax Exempt Project, Industrial Dev. Board of Livingston Parish, LA, Inc., April 20, 1981

58. Letters and notes concerning Industrial Development Board, 1980s

59. The Economic Development of Southwest Louisiana, 1865-1900, A Dissertation by Donald Joseph Millet, Sr., Louisiana State University, January 1964

60. Final Report, 1944-1946 to the Economic Development Department of Commerce and Industry, State of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, March 28, 1946


Box 3 --Newspaper Clippings About Livingston Parish


1. "Aunt Teet [Mrs. Lorin Wall] Churns Butter," by Marsha Small, unidentified newspaper, n. d.

2. "Oldest Parish Building," Springfield, Denham Springs News, June 26, 1973

3. "Blair-Yawn [Livingston Parish] History Told," Sun, July 18, 1973

4. "Open House held for Rev. Chandler," Denham Springs News, July 23, 1973

5. Charter, Bayou Manchac and Amite River Transportation Co., Livingston Parish, Louisiana, abstracted December 13, 1973

6. "Proposed State Parks Plan Would Provide 50 Facilities," Sunday Advocate, March 24 and May 19, 1974 (One of the Parks would be on Tickfaw River in Livingston Parish)

7. "International Paper Co. in Second Year Here," Denham Springs News, May 23, 1974

8. "Rapid Flooding Occurs in Part of Parish," Denham Springs News, May 27, 1974

9. "Park leased to Parish," "Crown Zellerbach Changes Noted," Denham Springs News, July 22, 1974

10. "Judge's Ruling on Dry Ward in Livingston May Come Soon," Morning Advocate, July 23, 1974

11. Articles about Livingston Parish Police Jury, Editorials & Comment, Denham Springs News, September 19 and October 3, 1974

12. "Sheriff Faust Declares He Won't Run Again," Denham Springs News, October 7, 1974

13. "Clerk of Court to Retire" [Alsay "Al" Addison], Denham Springs News, January 23, 1975; [Mrs. Willie M. Blystad] "A Leader in Government," Denham Springs News, February 20, 1975; "Ceremonies Open New Phone System," Denham Springs News, February 27, 1975

14. Letters and Notes About Bicentennial in Livingston Parish, 1975

15. "Tentative Marker Wordings are Discussed Here" [Denham Springs], Denham Springs News, January 23 and 27, 1975

16. "Bicentennial Funds Granted to Parish," Denham Springs News, June 9, 1975; "Walker Marker to be Dedicated," Denham Springs-Livingston Parish News, October 14, 1982

17. Livin' in Livin'ston, By James Minton, Denham Springs News, February 20, April 3, June 5, June 16, and May 8, 1975 (Articles done for the Bicentennial)

18. "Bicentennial Notes of Local Interest," Hammond Vindicator, May 29, June 12 and 19, September 25, and October 9, 1975

19. "Bicentennial Committee Hears Progress Reports," Denham Springs News, March 3, 1975

20. Livin' in Livin'ston (Picture of Thomas Leftwich Store in Port Vincent-for Bicentennial), Denham springs News, April 7, 1975

21. "Bicentennial Fraud," Denham Springs News, May 5, 1975

22. "Apology is Offered about historical feature about Mrs. Clarence Efferson's home near Frost," Denham Springs News, June 2, 1975

23. "Livingston Bicentennial Dedication," Murray Newspapers, July 9, 1975

24. "Engineer to Draft Rules" [Subdivision Ordinance], Denham Springs News, October 3, 1974 (xerox copy); "Many Feel Subdivision Ordinance is Overdue," Denham Springs News, February 6, 1975; "Proposed Ordinance [Subdivision] Includes Waterfront Development," Denham Springs News, March 3, 1975

25. "Funeral Rites Held Sunday for Former Superintendent of Schools [Ernest S. Easterly]," Denham Springs News, February 6, 1975

26. Photograph of Mrs. D. J. Hall, 90 years old, Denham Springs News, April 10, 1975 and Photograph of Norris F. Hood, 93 years old, Denham Springs News, April 21, 1975

27. "Former Jurors Recall Past" [Warren Stewart and Jack Ratcliff], "State Police Run Boy's Camp", and "Rev. Alex Bartus Leaves District," Sun, December 8, 1976

28. Ancestors, by Damon Veach, Sunday Advocate, July 1, 1979 (About Vincent Scivicque and Port Vincent, Louisiana)

29. Louisiana Ancestors, by Damon Veach, Sunday Advocate, May 4, 1980 (About Uriah B. Vining and Livingston Parish Cemeteries)

30. "Railway Car Era Still Alive," (Holden), Morning Advocate, May 24, 1982

31. "150th Anniversary Wagon Train Route Announced," Livingston Leader, May 26, 1982

32. "Louisiana Strawberries featured in New Book" (Ginger Romero), Denham Springs-Livingston Parish News, November 29, 1984

33. Photograph of Macedonia Baptist Church, Livingston Leader, February 6, 1985

34. "Plywood Plant on Market," Livingston Leader, March 27, 1985

35. "Corbin Native Using Tape Recorder to Preserve Part of Parish's Past," Denham Springs- Livingston Parish News, December 19, 1985

36. "Wunsch Home on U. S. 190, Built in 1914," Denham Springs-Livingston Parish News, May 8, 1986

37. "Town's Pioneers' Swap Stories [John R. McLin, Charlie Watts, Bobby Vidrine, Alex B. McMorris, and Harris McCullough]," Livingston Leader, May 14, 1986

38. Today and Yesterday Section, Denham Springs-Livingston Parish News, August 4, 1986

39. "Doyle Days," Livingston Leader, October 1, 1986

40. "Livingston Parish History is Stored in Creole House, Times-Picayune, July 29, 1991

41. Fire Engine for Killian, unidentified newspaper, n. d.

42. A Study of Placenames in Livingston Parish, LA, A Thesis by Kathryn McQueen Kendall, December 1975 (xerox copy of a few pages)

43. Livingston Parish Fair Catalog, 40th Birthday, 1937-1977, October 10-15

44. French Settlement High School Class Reunion, Classes of 1940-1944, September 15, 1979

45. Telephone Directory, Grangeville, Greensburg, Montpelier, Pine Grove, August 1977


Tangipahoa Parish Material

46. Tangi Talk, Amite, La., March 26, 1969, reprinted from the 1909 Florida Parishes Newspaper showing city and parish officials

47. Bloody Tangipahoa, by Lee Lanier, Hammond Vindicator, July 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31; August 7, 14, 21, and 26, 1975

48. Bloody Tangipahoa, by Lee Lanier, Hammond Vindicator, September 4, 11, 18, and 25; October 2, 16, and 23, 1975

49. Bloody Tangipahoa, by Lee Lanier, Hammond Vindicator, November 6, 13, 20, and 27; December 11 and 18, 1975

50. Bloody Tangipahoa, by Lee Lanier, Hammond Vindicator, January 14, 22, and 29; February 5, 12, and 26, 1976

51. Bloody Tangipahoa, by Lee Lanier, Hammond Vindicator, March , 11, 18, and 25; April 1 and 8, 1976

52. Where Main Street Meets the River by Hodding Carter (xerox copy of Chapter 3 "Tangipahoa was Bloody" about Dr. Newsom, the dentist and the Starnes Brothers)

53. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings; Historic Commission Plans Restoration of Denham landmark [Denham Springs City Hall], Livingston Parish News, April 13, 1997


Box 4 --Livingston and Tangipahoa Parishes Material


1. Southeast Louisiana Agri-Dustrial Futurama, April 8-11, 1965, contains short histories of Natalbany, Hammond, Ponchatoula, Springfield, Hungarian Settlement-Hungarian recipes, Albany (xerox copy of Program)

2. Ninth Annual Agridustrial Futurama, April 16-19, 1970, contains History of Independence-Our Italian People, by Frank L. Anzalone, Our Indian People, by Mrs. James Polk (Irene) Morris, Jr., The Hungarians of Albany-Our Hungarian People-Hungarian recipes, by Bertram H. Groene, Our French People, by Joe Robichaux, Our Lebanese People, by Mrs. Ernest Bahm (xerox copy of Program)


Southeast Louisiana Historical Association Material

3. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Articles of Incorporation (2 versions), and Bylaws, 1973

4. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association Minutes, April 25, November 21, 1974; February

28, August 23, 1975; August 26, 1976; May and August 1977; September 24 and November

16, 1978; February 22 and April 26, 1979

5. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Inc.--Membership Application

6. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Membership List 1978-79

7. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Newsletters, 1974-1984

8. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Correspondence, Notes, and Agendas, 1973-1984

9. Southeast Louisiana Historical Association Banquet Brochures, 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1984

10. Letters to and from Clark Forrest concerning Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, 1973- 1981

11. "Historical Unit Sets Meeting in Hammond [Clark Forrest to Speak]," Morning Advocate, February 26, 1974 (xerox copy)

12. "Louis Saillard Speaker" at Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Daily Star, April 19, 1975

13. "History Group Meets Tonight (SLHA)," Denham Springs News, November 20, 1975 and Photograph of Dr. Bertram Groene, Jeff Hughes, and Robert Neuman, curator of anthropology at Louisiana State University, who spoke at the Southeast Louisiana Historical Association meeting November 20, Denham Springs News, November 24, 1975 (xerox copies)

14. "Williams Addresses Historians" at Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Hammond Vindicator, April 27, 1978 (xerox copy)

15. "Airport's History Reviewed" at Southeast Louisiana Historical Association meeting, Sunday Star Shopping Guide, September 24, 1978 (xerox copy)

16. "Charles East to be Guest Speaker" at Southeast Louisiana Historical Association meeting, Denham Springs News, November 2, 1978 (xerox copy)

17. "Carol Jahncke discusses `Mr. Kentzel Covington,'" at Southeast Louisiana Historical Association meeting, Sunday Star, February 25, 1979 (xerox copy)

18. "Will Butler Addresses Historical Association" April 26, 1979, Daily Star, n. d. (xerox copy)

19. Photograph of award recipients from the Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Hammond Vindicator, July 12, 1979 (original and xerox copy)

20. "Historical Pictures Requested" by Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, Sunday

Shopping Guide, April 13, 1980

Southeastern Louisiana University

21. Flyers and Programs of History and Genealogy Symposia at Southeastern Louisiana University, 1978, 1979, 1982, 1983, and 1984

22. Newspaper clippings about History and Genealogy Symposia at Southeastern Louisiana University, Sun, April 6, 1977 and Hammond Vindicator, April 6, 1978

23. Handwritten Notes SLHA Symposium and Information Page for iocese of Baton Rouge, Department of Archives, April 19, 1980

24. Handwritten Notes on SLU History and Genealogy Symposium, February 6, 1982

25. Certificates for Southeastern Louisiana University History and Genealogy Symposium, 1982, 1983, 1984, and 1985; and a Special Recognition Certificate from the Southeast Louisiana Historical Association, May 10, 1984

26. Program and handwritten notes for Florida Parishes Folklife Conference, March 5, 1983

27. "Couple Donate Historical Items to Southeastern Louisiana University Archives," Morning Advocate, January 12, 1974

28. Newspaper clippings about SLU Faculty: "Historic Document Given Southeastern Archives" Story and photograph of Dr. Dudley Johnson, Guy Dyson, Dr. Bertram Groene, and Sonny Starns giving document, Murray Newspapers, April 21, 1976; "Author honored at reception depicting early Tangipahoa" C. Howard Nichols author of Tangipahoa Crossings, Morning Advocate, December 8, 1979; "The Rise and Fall of the Cypress Forest" Charles A. Dranguet, Jr. and Roman J. Heleniak writing about the cypress forest, Gumbo Magazine, November 8, 1987

29. The Inauguration of James Larry Crain As the Tenth President of Southeastern Louisiana University, October 17, 1981 (program)


Tangipahoa Parish Material

30. Survey of Tangipahoa River, Louisiana, Office of Public Work's Library, 1879 (xerox copy)

31. Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana Soil Survey, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1906 (xerox copy)

32. The Enterprise (Ponchatoula), November 15, 1946

33. History of Ponchatoula, by Col. Claude Lindsay, 1 pages, n. d.; Also Thru the Years, Ponchatoula Centennial Celebration, April 19, May 1-6, 1961 (xerox copy)

34. Map, showing Camp Moore and Greensburg Road (xerox copy)

35. "Soldiers Now on Duty at Kentwood to Protect the Italians," Microfilm copy of Times- Picayune, February 29, 1908

36. Pumpkin Center-About 60 Years Ago by Georgia Talbot, Hammond Vindicator, 1967

37. Newspaper clippings--"Unofficial Plan Seems Tangi Fate," Morning Advocate, March 15, 1969; "Tangipahoa Building Code Suit Dropped, Morning Advocate, January 1, 1976

38. "Louisiana Places, Amite," Sunday Advocate, June 20, 1971 and May 9, 1976

39. "Amite Blue Law Ruled Too Leaky," Morning Advocate, June 12, 1973

40. "Old Amite Courthouse," Murray Newspapers, November 21, 1973

41. "Landmark Church (original Presbyterian Church in Arcola) A Tourist Attraction," Daily Star, November 23, 1973

42. "Strawberries Were Grown in Tangi Before the Civil War," Murray Newspapers, April 3, 1974

43. "Vindicator Celebrates 82nd Birthday," Hammond Vindicator, April 11, 1974

44. "Ruddock: A Something Gone from the Swamp, in the Past," by Bill Graziano, Hammond Vindicator, April 3, 1975

45. "A Swamp Graveyard Tells Another Chapter," by Bill Graziano, Hammond Vindicator, May 1, 1975

46. "Parish Fair Dedicated to Lee Lanier and Sons," Hammond Vindicator, October 2, 1975 (xerox copy)

47. "Manchac Marker Missed--Found," Sun, October 15, 1975; "Two Markers Dedicated" Hammond Vindicator, November 13, 1975

48. "Tales from Tangipahoa," by Irene Morris, Hammond Vindicator, January 29, 1976

49. "The Story of Strader, LA.," by Bill Graziano, Murray Newspapers, January 28, 1976 and February 4, 1976

50. "A History of Education in Tangipahoa Parish," written by Robert Weldon Russell in 1939 for his master's degree at LSU, Hammond Vindicator, September 2, 1976 (newspaper clipping)

51. "The Way Farming Was When Grandad Was A Boy" (Old Farmer's Day), by Ed Cullen, Sunday Advocate, October 24, 1976

52. Scenes from Loranger's Old Farmers Day, Hammond Vindicator, October 28, 1976

53. "Berry Fest: Deposits Top $500,000," Sun, April 10. 1977 (xerox copy)

54. "Recognition Planned for Preservationist," Sunday Advocate, May 7, 1978 (one of the people recognized was Will Ed Butler of Ponchatoula) (xerox copy)

55. "Zemurray Gardens History Dates to 1828," Daily Star, December 6, 1979; Zemurray Gardens (1990 season-brochure); Naturally Wild!, Global Wildlife Center (brochure)

56. Postcard of Cate Square circa 1900, invitation for Hammond Heritage Day; also Brochures, 1976 and 1981

57. Italian Festival, Hammond Vindicator, April 8, 1982 (whole paper)

58. "Package Art" (One for Strawberries of Tickfaw, LA), Sunday Advocate, February 12, 1989

59. "Crown Sells Plant to Manville," Sunday Star, December 12, 1982

60. "Plywood Plant in Natalbany May Bud Anew," Daily Star, January 2, 1985 (xerox copy)

61. "Natalbany: There's no Whistle Anymore," by Diane Hymel, Gumbo Magazine, Sunday Star, May 31, 1987

62. Fan, N. A. James Funeral Home


Box 5--Historical Publications


1. Louisiana History, The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, Vol. XXIV, Nos. 1, 2, & 4, Winter, Spring, & Fall 1983

2. Louisiana History, The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, Vol. XXV, Nos. 1, 3, & 4, Winter, Summer, & Fall, 1984

3. Louisiana History, The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, Vol. XXVI, no. 2, Spring 1985; Vol. XXVII, Nos. 3 & 4, Summer and Fall 1986; Vol. XXVII, No. 2, Spring 1987

4. Louisiana History, The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, Vol. XXIX, Nos. 1-4, Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall 1988

5. Louisiana History, The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, Vol. XXX, Nos. 2, 3, and 4, Spring, Summer, and Fall 1989

6. Louisiana History, The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, Vol. XXXI, Nos. 1 & 2, Winter and Spring 1990

7. Louisiana History Newsletter, November 1975, May 1976, May 1977, Spring 1988, Fall 1990

8. The Historic New Orleans Collection Newsletter, Vol. III, Number 4, Fall 1985

9. The Historic New Orleans Collection Manuscripts Division Update, Vol. 7, 1988; Vol. 8, 1989; Vol. 9, 1990

10. State Archives & Records Service Newsletter, 1978-1981

11. Legacy, State Archives & Records Newsletter, October 1981-August 1987 (14 copies)

12. Melanges, No. 2, September 27, 1971, Louisiana House Types, A Field Guide by Milton B. Newton, Jr., Museum of Geoscience, LSU

13. Melanges, No. 7, April 23, 1973, Country and Small-Town Stores of Louisiana, Legacy of the Greek Revival and the Frontier, by Linda Pulliam and Milton B. Newton, Jr., Museum of Geoscience, LSU

14. Southern Studies, An Interdisciplinary Journal of the South, Vol. XXI, No. 4, Winter 1982

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Box 8 --Material About Other States


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Box 9 --Agriculture and Railroad Material


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Box 10 --Miscellaneous Material


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Box 11 --Forestry Journals


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Box 12 --Forestry Material


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21. Brochures about Lumbering

22. Miscellaneous Information about Lumbering


Box 13 --Annual Report of Paper Companies


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Box 14 --Histories of Lumber Men and Lumber Companies


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Box 15 --Histories of Lumber Men and Lumber Companies


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17. Note concerning John Wesley Link Home, Orange, Texas (xerox copy)

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19. Southerners who set the Woods on Fire, by Ed Kerr, Reprinted from Harper's Magazine, July 1958 (article about why people burn forests)


Box 16 --Histories of Lumber Men and Lumber Companies


1. The Story of Shell Lake [Wisconsin], by Albert L. Stouffer, published by The Washburn County Historical Society, 1961 (2 xerox copies)

2. List of Names of Contributors Which Appear on the Lumberman's Monument Base, 1981, Cheboygan, Michigan (xerox copy)

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Box 17


1. A History of the Louisiana Forestry Commission by Anna C. Burns, Louisiana Studies Institute, Monograph Series, Number one, 1968

2. Old Forestry Letterheads, by John Maddocks (xerox copy)

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Box 18


1. Hammond Vindicator, April 10, 1942, 50th anniversary issue

2. Progressive Farmer, October 1955, November 1960, and December 1960


Boxes 19 - 29

Records of the McCarroll Lumber Company


Box 30

Clay Turpentine Pot


Box 31

World War I helmet

Rail from Jim McCarroll’s logging RR at Frost

Box 32

Book: The Forest and The Saw Mill, Official Report Eighth Annual Convention held in New Orleans, Louisiana April 19 and 20, 1910, Chicago 1910


Box 33


Stirling Properties; Map of Covington

James River Corporation and Crown Zellerbach Corporation, March 31, 1986

Crown Vantage, Inc. Bankruptcy Court Case, October 5, 2001

The Mississippi River and The Port of Greater Baton Rouge, 1990s

Louisiana: An Overview, Dept. of Economic Development, 1999; Louisiana, The State Run by a Businessman (Mike Foster)

Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation; Tangipahoa Business Review

Internation Gateway to the Americas and the World, New Orleans and the Southeast Louisiana Region

Delchamps Distribution Center; SuperValu, Lewis Grocer Division


Box 34


1. Livingston Parish Information

a. Photograph of information on Edward Livingston

b. Draft: "The Cornett Family Early Sawmill Operators in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, 2 August 1995, by Clark Forrest

c. Charles Abels, Assessor Homestead Exemption Certificates, Clark Forrest, 1/13/73, 1/24/74, and 3/31/75

d. ALA Bookmark

e. Livingston Parish American Bicentennial Committee Meeting, March 25, 1974

f. Livingston Parish Library Building Project Update flyer, 2005

g. Livingston Parish Library-Library news, vol. 3, issue 1, 2005; vol. 4, issue 2, 2006; vol. 4, issue 3, 2006

h. Arpadhon- Hungarian Settlement flyer, November 4, 2006

i. Livingston Parish Tourist and Newcomer's Guide

j. French Settlement Historical Society Newsletters

Volume VII: Number I January 1997, Number IV October 1997

Volume VIII: Number II April 1998, Number IV October 1998

Volume XII: Number IV October 28, 2002

Volume XIV: Number I January 26, 2004, Number III July 26, 2004, Number IV October 25, 2004

Volume XV: Number II April 25, 2005, Number III July 25, 2005, Number IV November 7, 2005

Volume XIV: Number I, January 30, 2006, Number V December 16, 2006

Volume XVIV: Number II, April 26, 2010.

2. St. Helena Parish Information

a. St. Helena Historical Association Quarterly, Fall 1998

b. St. Helena Historical Association Quarterly, Winter 2005

c. Hutchinson Family Cemetery Map, Highway 441 St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

3. Train Information

    a. Railway Express Destination Card
    b. National Railway Historical Society Yearbook 2005
    c. Illinois Central corporation 1995 Annual Report

    d. The Crimson Flyer, National Railway Historical Society Newsletter
        Volume 4: July-August 2004, September-October 2004
        Volume 5: January-February 2005, May-June 2005, July-August 2005, November-December 2005,
        Volume 6: January-February 2006, March-April 2006, May-June 2006, September-October 2006, November-December 2006
        Volume 6: July- August 2006
        Volume 7: May-June 2007, September-October 2007
        Volume 8: April-May-June 2008, July-August-September 2009
        Volume 10: April-May-June 2010
        Volume 14: Issue 1-Winter 2015
        Volume 14: Issue 2-Summer 2015

4. Timber Companies Annual Reports

a. Georgia Pacific 2003 Annual Report

b. Georgia Pacific 2004 Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement

c. Georgia Pacific 2005 Merger agreement with Koch Industries

d. Georgia Pacific 2005 Common Stock Purchases

e. International Paper 2006 Proxy Statement

5. Timber Companies Annual Reports (Continued)

a. Plum Creek 2005 Annual Report

b. Weyherhaeuser 1997 Report

c. Weyerhaeuser 1998 Proxy Statement

d. AmSouth Third Quarter Report 2004

6. Forestry

a. Bumper Sticker- Proud to Be an American, Proud to Be an LFA Member

b. Smithsonian article, "Forgotten Forest" February. 2006

c. (5) "Edgings and Trimmings" Newsletter of the Southern Forest Heritage Museum & Research Center, Inc.

1 st Quarter 1997

2 nd Quarter 2004

Vol 11 No 2, 2005

Vol 12, No 2, 2006

Vol 12, No. 3, 2006

Vol 14, No. 1, 2008

d. Louisiana Forestry Association 58 th Annual Meeting, August 30-September 1, 2005 agenda (2) "Crusin Through Time"

e. Louisiana Forestry Association 59 th Annual Meeting, August 29-21, 2006 agenda "Winds of Change"


March/April 1998

May/June 2005

June 2006

September 2006

g. Pulpwood Production and Saw Mill Logging, Guide to East Coast Saw Mill & Logging Equipment Exposition

h. American Forests "The Cradle of Forestry in America" by Harley E. Jolley

i. Forest Industries September 1971, "Mechanized skyline logging in the South"

7. Forestry, Continued

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b. Louisiana Forestry, A Success Story, LFA

c. Forests & People

Second Quarter, 1971

Third Quarter, 1971

First Quarter, 1975

First Quarter 1997

First Quarter 1999

Second Quarter 1999

First Quarter 2000

First Quarter 2001

Second Quarter 2004

Third Quarter 2007

Fourth Quarter 2007

Second Quater 2008

Third Quarter 2008

8. Forestry, Continued

a. Forest History Today, A publication of the Forest History Society

Fall 2000

Spring/Fall 2003

Spring/Fall 2004


Box 35


1. Forestry, Continued

a. 100 Years of Federal Forestry, United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, 1976

b. This was Logging! Ralph W. Andrews, 1954

2. Forestry and Agriculture

a. Handwritten notes on Ponchatoula and Bogalusa Lumber Companies (3 pages)

b. List of 1905 Louisiana lumber companies

c. Progressive Farmer Magazine, March 1947

d. Southern Agriculturist Magazine, March, 1974

e. Stories of the Forest (postcard and CD, Proceedings of the U.S. Forest Service Centennial Congress)

3. Programs and Newspaper Articles

a. Photograph of Pass Christian Historical Society

b. United Daughters of the Confederacy Thomas Jefferson Butler Chapter no. 2314, Robert E. Lee Luncheon at Carter Plantation, January 8, 2005

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e. Louisiana Roots, bi-monthly paper for Genealogy and History lovers with ties to Louisiana

May-June 1998

March-April 2000

May-June 2000

f. Civilian Production Administration Construction authorization sign, Serial Number 72-032-34, Authorized June 24, 1946

g. Newspaper photo of Joe Burregi, Jimmy Morrison, Ellis Monroe Jenkins, Frank DiVittorio and Carlo Tiolo standing by Huey P. Long's grave in Baton Rouge

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Historic Hudson Valley Montogmery Place Brochure

Clermont State Historic Site Brochure

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7.Galvez Expeditions on the Gulf Coast Slide Handout. Dated 5/21/09 (5 pages).


Box 36


1. The Crimson Flyer: Jan-March 2009, October-December 2009, January-March 2010, January-March 2011

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3. French Settlement Historical Society, Inc Newsletter: February 2, 2008, July 27, 2009, November 16, 2010

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Camp Van Dorn WWII Museum, Annual Meeting of the St. Tammany Historical Society, Saturday, January 24, 2009, Exploring the Three-Chop Trail: The Way West into U.S. Territories of Mississippi & Louisiana by Yvonne Lewis Day

6.St. Margaret Catholic Church, Albany, Louisiana

a. St. Margaret Catholic Church, Albany, Louisiana 100 Years Celebration Prayer Card

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8. The Forest History Society Issues

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9. Colonial Louisiana

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10. Photo, Avery A. Blount, Family Group Sheet for Avery A. Blount; copy of newsclipping of station at Little River; note on newsclipping of Little River station; transcription of Picayune news article, March 12, 1898 on deaths of Frank Chandler and J.S. Hoover; CD with electronic files of items.

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Box 37

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4. Hammond Area Economic And Industrial Development District: Financial Statements As of and for the Year Ended June 30, 2005

5. Letter from Steve J. Theriot, CPA Legislative Auditor, to all governmental auditors and all political subdivisions subject to the Local Government Budget Act, September 6, 2005; Qualifications for Consulting Services prepared for the Hammond Industrial Development Board by Durnin & James, CPA's, December 16, 2003; Letter from Durnin & James, CPA's, to Mr. Pat Tobler, President of the Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District, pertaining to accounting, September 8, 2005, attached letter to Durnin & James from Postlethwaite & Netterville, December 10, 2002; Financial Statements for the Hammond Area Economic and Industrial Development District as of and for the year ended June 30, 2005 - 3 copies

6. Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation- Board Meeting-August 11, 2004;  June 13, 2007; September 12, 2007; November 14, 2007; January 16, 2008; March 12, 2008; TEDF Membership/Investor Meeting-July 9, 2008; October 8, 2008; October 8, 2008; February 11, 2009; June 10, 2009; July 15, 2009; October 15, 2009; Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation, Inc. Board Members 2004-2005; Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation, Inc Board Members 2006-2007; Extract of Resolutions of the Board of Directors of the Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation, Inc. April 13, 2005; Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation-typed letter to Ronnie Bankston from Bob Basford October 29, 2004; Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation-typed letter to Bobby Cortez from Bob Basford April 2, 2004; Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation-typed letter to Kelly O’Dea from Bob Basford April 13, 2005; Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation-typed letter to Top Shrimp from Bob Basford June 22, 2005; Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Summary; Economic Development Activity in Tangipahoa Parish 2007/2008 YTD; Brochure-Louisiana Community Economic Development Seminar 2008; brochure- Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation 2008 Annual Luncheon; Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation, Inc. Board Members 2004-2005

7. Miscellaneous-Hammond Chamber City Map; postcard from Entergy; typed document-Site Selection Logistic Features in the Midwest-Community Profile: Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana; Tangipahoa Tourism-Tangipahoa Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau-Tourism Highlights-2006; Brochure-Louisiana’s I-12 Alliance; Magazine-Gateway to the World-Tangipahoa Parish- Louisiana; Folder- Louisiana Speaks. Our Voice. Our Plan. Our Future.

8. Miscellaneous-miscellaneous handwritten/typed notes, receipts, and one Kentwood/Amite Calendar 1987 (17 items)

9.-The Crimson Flyer Vol 15, Issue 1 (4)
-Letter of thanks from Governor John Bell Edwards
-Environmental History Vol 21, Jan 2016.
-Plan Creek and Weyerhouser merger proposal.
-Livingston Parish Forestry Landowner Association Annual Meeting March 15, 2016.
-French Settlement Historical Society, Inc. Newsletter May 2, 2016.

10. WWII In the Gulf of Mexico by C.J. Christ.


Box   38  
Folder 1
Forests and People, Vol. 65, No. 4 Fourth Quarter, 2015.

Folder 2
Green Diamond, Issue 115 Publication by of the Illinois Central Historical Society, Dec. 2015.

Folder 3
1.  The Southeast Louisiana - Chapter NRHS - 49th Annual Meeting, Sat. Feb. 27, 2016.
2.  The Southeast Louisiana - Chapter NRHS - 47th Annual Meeting, Sat. Feb. 22, 2014
3.  French Settlement Historical Society, Inc.  Vol XXV, No. 1, Feb. 1, 2016.

Folder 4
1.  State of Louisiana Report of the Commissioner of Labor and Industrial Statistics to the Governor and General Assemble of the State of Louisiana.William McGilvray, Commissioner - New Orleans 1916.  Xerox copy of cover followed by pages 148-151.  
2.  Letter to Dr. Roman Heleniak regarding thesis topic “Tangipahoa Parish Gullett Gin Company” from Clark Forrest, CED.  August 19, 1993.

3.  French Settlement Historical Society, Inc. Newsletter, Volume XXX, Number III, July 25, 2016

4.  Forests and People: Official Publication of the Louisiana Forestry Association, Vol. 66, No. 3, Third Quarter 2016.

5. The Crimson Flyer, Volume 16 Issue 1 (Winter 2017) National Railway Historical Society

6. The Louisiana Freemason, Volume 44 Number 2 (Summer 2016) The Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana

7. Forest History Society, 2017 Annual Report

Folder 5
1. Copy of Map of Town of Springfield, about 1850
2. Copy of Dr. Colmer’s Journals Diary C: Part 1, 1850-1862, Compiled and Edited by Warren B. Wall for Edward Livingston Historical Association, Inc. 1986

Folder 6
1. Brochure- Livingston Economic Development Council-Spring Meeting-April 13, 2017
2. Louisiana Forestry Association-2016 Annual Report
3. Livingston Forestry Landowners Association-typed memo-February 23, 2017 (agenda included)
4. Louisiana’s Tobacco Heritage by the Tobacco Institute                                                             5. 45th Annual Livingston Parish Fair, Oct. 12-16, 1982 Sesquicentennial gold coin
6. 6th Congressional District of Louisiana John R. Rarick gold coin

Folder 7
1. Forest History Society-2017 Annual Report

Folder 8
1. Small metal plate used for labeling-Oliver Treated Product Co. Inc., Hammond, LA, 5 45 LPL-December 2, 1963

Folder 9
1. John Bel Edwards, Attorney at Law business card

-loose items in box: City of Hammond ink pen, Kleinpeter Photograph Inc. Ink pen, Harry McKneely & Son ink pen


3D Items:

1. Framed Map: Geographical Statistical, and Historical Map of Louisiana, ca.. 1822, American Atlas (24" x 28")

2. Train Calendars (9):  Located in oversize picture drawer above map cases A-