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Randall Overstreet Collection

Archival Collection

Box 1

1. Yearbook, Twenty-Fifth Marines, Camp Pendleton, California 1943.

2. Yearbook, Second Battalion, Platoon 2069. Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego, California, 1978.

3. Yearbook, Checkerboards, VMFA 312.

4. The Warrior, Amite High School Yearbook, 1978.

5. Yearbook, VMFA - 451.

6. The Fourth Marine Division in World War II, 1946, Infantry Journal Press.

7. The U.S. Marine Corp, Platoon 2069 in San Diego, 3 Nov. 1978 (Framed Picture).

8. Certificate of Life Membership from the NRAA to Kenneth Overstreet Sr. August 21, 1975 (Framed).

9. Certificate of Graduation awarded to Kenneth Overstreet Sr. From Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce. April 13, 1965 (Framed).

10. 2 Glass Mugs.

Folder 1: Magazines and Pamphlets

1. Giant Postcard, unused.

2. Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Drivers Guide.

3. Florida Driver’s Handbook.

4. 33rd Annual Reunion of the Fourth Marine Division Association, June 25-28, 1980.

5. Program for the 33rd Annual Reunion of the Fourth Marine Division Association.

6. The United States marines on Iwo Jima: The Battle and the Flag Raising.

7. Leatherneck Magazine, June 1977.

8. Excerpt from Magazine about Pearl Harbor.

9. 32nd Annual Reunion of the Fourth Marine Division Association, June 27-30, 1979.

10. Marines Magazine: The Pacific Campaign of the U.S. Marine Corps.

11. 31st Annual Reunion of the Fourth Marine Division Association, June 21-24, 1978.

12. History of the 4th Marine Division.

Folder 2: Fighting Fourth of World War II Magazine

1. April/May/June 1995.

2. April/May/June 1996.

3. July/August/September 1996.

4. March 1980.

5. June 1980.

Folder 3: Newspaper Clippings

1. Parade Section of The Times Picayune, January 22, 1995.

2. Article, "Ceremony Commemorates War Dead at Iwo Jima." The Times Picayune, February 20, 1994.

3. Section of The Times Picayune, December 1, 1991.

4. Article, "James Carrington in His Marine Corps Days."

5. Article, "Pearl Harbor Remembered."

6. Article, "The Battle of Corregidor."

7. Article, "WWII Navajo Code-Talkers Honored." The Times Picayune 9-18-1992.

8. Article, "Nazi Agents Net Quick End In U.S."

Folder 4: Misc. Items

1. The Fighting Fourth Cartoon.

2. Scanner Frequencies for Southeast Louisiana.

Folder 5: Misc. Items

1. Beverly Overstreet 31st Reunion Fourth Marine Division Association ‘78 (Ribbon).

2. Ken Overstreet 32nd Reunion Fourth Marine Division Association ‘79 (Ribbon).

3. Banner for U.S. Marine Corp, Parris Island, South Carolina.

4. U.S. Marines Licence Plate.