Madisonville, Louisiana

Photo Collection


Pix No. Date of Pix Size of Pix No. of pix Kind of Image Negative

1 c.1900s 5 x 7 1 B&W copy print none

8 x 10 1 B&W copy print none

Timber from the Dendinger's Mill in front of Lyon's home. Now moved and became Ancient Mariner's Seafood Restaurant.

2 2/2/1863 8 x 10 2 B&W copy print 35mm B&W

Sketch in Civil War era magazine possibly Harper's Weekly. Landing of registered enemies of the US at Madisonville, Louisiana. Feb 2, 1863. Union detention camp for confederate civilian prisoners.

3 11/12/1908 5 x 7 2 B&W copy print none

Street scene in Madisonville, Louisiana.