"The Manchac Swamp: Man-made Disaster in Search of a Resolution and the West Florida Revolt Bicentennial: Louisiana's Past"

Attention! The bicentennial for the West Florida Revolt has found a path to the Center. In recognition of the bicentennial, the Center has designed an exhibit to shed light on this obscure topic. Open to the public and available for all ages, this exhibit is sure to "enlighten locals and visitors about a time long forgotten in Louisiana," according to a recent patron. Don't miss out on this exciting adventure of how Louisiana became the state it is today. 

Also, in conjunction with an EPA grant, the Center is presenting an exhibit designed to highlight the major forces behind the degradation of the Manchac ecosystem.Graduate Assistant Matthew Doolittle, who coordinated the procurement of many of the display centerpieces, is ebullient over some of the items. “We have assembled an assortment of our woodland friends from the Florida parishes,” he exclaimed.“Visitors to the exhibit will see muskrat, beaver, fox, nutria, bobwhite quail, and other surprises.” We aimed to attract the maximum public attention when we designed our various EPA projects.Unlike past exhibits, this one is geared primarily toward the junior set or a group we like to call “future policy makers.”Certainly adults will benefit from the display, but children especially will enjoy the dimly-lit swamp walk and the eerie sound chamber in which youngsters will be ensconced in total darkness while their ears are bombarded with swamp sounds. In short, the Center's new exhibit promises to educate and to entertain both young and old.


If you would like to arrange a special tour for school age children or to inquire further information, please contact the Center at 985-549-2151.


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