Historical Films

Thus far, the Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies has produced five major historical
documentary films.

Louisiana’s Florida Parishes: Securing the Good Life From a Troubled Land

Reluctant Americans: The West Florida Revolt, Completing the Louisiana Purchase

The Manchac Swamp: Manmade Disaster in Search of a Resolution

American Crisis, American Shame: The National Consequence of Coastal Erosion

Multiple Lines of Defense Strategy: Saving Coastal Louisiana



Florida Parish Chronicles

Florida Parish ChroniclesIn 2005, the Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies branched out to local media with
the “Florida Parish Chronicles.” This project is a Center-created television show
written and narrated by Dr. Sam Hyde. The brainchild of Rick Settoon, general manager
of the Southeastern Channel, the program has won three national awards.

Dr. Hyde continues his travels across the Florida parishes bringing the region’s colorful
history to life on the small screen.Topics have included a two-part assessment of
the Civil War and a powerful depiction of the civil rights struggle in southeast Louisiana.

The latter program featured never-before-seen photographs and amateur film footage
of the 1967 civil rights march from Bogalusa to Baton Rouge, organized by A.Z. Young.
Following the airing of that episode, both the Center and the Southeastern Channel
were swamped with calls from local residents offering praise for the well-rounded
handling of the sensitive subject. 

“Florida Parish Chronicles” remains a popular program on the Southeastern Channel,
ensuring that the Center’s reach extends beyond academics. What better way to spark
interest in area history than to bring the compelling story of the Florida parishes
into the living rooms of thousands?


Check your local cable listings or visit The Southeastern Channel for air times.