Think College

The Think College website is a great resource for students with disabilities who want to enroll in
a post secondary education program. Think College also allows access to find colleges
that have a Comprehensive Transition Program.

Know Your Rights

Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights
and Responsibilities 
explains the rights of students with disabilities to be able to receive postsecondary
education. This resource is provided by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in the U.S.
Department of Education. 

HEATH Resource Center

HEATH Resource Center is an online clearinghouse for post-secondary education for individuals with disabilities.
This website gives information on educational resources, support services, and opportunities. 

Louisiana Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Louisiana Vocational Rehabilitation Program offers individuals with disabilities a range of services to help them with the employment

Accredited Colleges in Louisiana

Accredited Colleges in Louisiana This website gives a list of online and offline accredited colleges in Louisiana.
The website also includes a list of scholarships that are offered to students in Louisiana.

Guide to Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum in the Transition to College

Guide to Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum in the Transition to College: has created a comprehensive guide for students diagnosed with Autism and
their families to provide them with important information about how to successfully
make the exciting but often stressful jump from high school to college.





UL LIFE this program was the first post-secondary education program for students with disabilities
on a 4- year campus. In this video you will meet the director of the UL LIFE program
and some of the students and mentors who share their experiences with the program.

Bridge to Independence

Want to Know More About Bridge to Independence? Meet 4 of the students to hear how Bridge to Independence has impacted their lives.
This video also includes the mom of a student who shares how Bridge to Independence
has helped her son grow immensely.

Rethinking College

Rethinking College is a 25-minute film produced by Think College that explores the
growing movement to include students with intellectual disability in higher education.


Printable Resources


Paying for College

Federal Financial Aid

Students who are enrolled in a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) are eligible
for federal financial aid. for more information Click Here.