Judge Leon Ford III


Artifacts Collection


Plaque that says "Fire Station No. 2 Erected 1948 Honorable James A. Stire, Mayor; H.D. Himel Sr., Commissioner of Finance; Ralph Quave, Commissioner of Streets and Parks; George W. Gill, Fire Chief; Leon Ford Sr., City of Attorney"

In a Black Case, Russian Helmet Dark Blue Tunic with Red 89th Regiment of Grenadiers Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg Infantry Mans Found Near Louya in 1914

Pullman Sleeper Car Ladder

Ticket Case

Railway Express Agency Express Box

(29) Blank Shipping Tags

(26) Keys

Wooden Glass Cases

(21) Nazi Badges and Medals

(20) Wehrmact Medals and Citations

(47) German Tinnies, 1931-1945

(20) Nazi Belt Buckles

(17) German Insignias and Pins

Pins in a Black Glass Case

1940 Army Maneuvers National Defenders of USA

Camp Blanding, Fla. National Defenders of USA

1941 US Army National Defenders of USA

Camp Livingston, La. National Defenders of USA

(2) Camp Claiborne, La. National Defenders of USA

(2) Camp Beau Regard, La. National Defenders of USA

Maneuvers National Defenders of USA

WIBC Dayton, Ohio 1957

Western Telegraph Co. 34

US Army Area Engineer 245 Camp Polk


OPA VV - noted attached says "Daddy's Ration Bd. Parish Chairman"

(2) U-R My Sunshine

Win With Kennon



Red Cross

American Junior Red Cross

(2) American Red Cross Volunteer

R. Rouge Ford N8184

We Like Ike

NRA Consumer US We Do Our Part

(3) Christian Crusader

US Navy Bureau of Yards and Docks Meritorious Civilian Service

Railway Express Agency


Southern Pacific Transportation Company

Safe Years 10

Win Your Wings

(2) E

Aviation Bldg. 1939 New York World's Fair

Ford The Universal Car

Brotherhood of Locomotives Engineers

Third Liberty Loan

Third Liberty Loan Volunteer

Remember The Maine

Victory Boys I Am Enrolled

AWS Army Air Forces Observer

Fireman US Army Fire Dept.

Guard Mississippi Ordnance Plant Flora 147

Citizens National Bank

New York World's Fair 1939

Louisiana Plate

German Stamp

Philadelphia Transit Token

New York City Transit Token

Mail Car Art Gallery and RPO Museum Ponchatoula Louisiana 1982 Coin

Citizens National Bank Your Full Service Bank for over 3 Dozen Years Coin


Illinois Central Brakeman's Light with raised lettering

Illinois Central Brakeman's Light with raised letters on last globe

Illinois Central Brakeman's Light with blue globe

Illinois Central Brakeman's Lantern with red globe

Illinois Central Brakeman's Light

Illinois Central Switch Light with colored fans

Illinois Central Switch Light

Pennsylvania Railroad Brakeman's Lantern

Baltimore Ohio Railroad Brakeman's Lantern

Pullman Brakeman's Lantern with red globe

Boston Maine Engine Light

Norfolk Western Engine Light

International and Great Northern Railroad Conductor's Lantern

New York Central Inspection Lantern with blue globe

Brakeman's Lantern


Box # 1 Bricks

Pierson and Butler 1912

I.W. Cutrer



(2) Newsom

(2) K & E



Box # 2 Awards

Louisiana Department of Education State Spelling Test Certificate for Ruth Matthews April 5, 1915

Louisiana Department of Education State Spelling Test Certificate for Christine Vera Butler March 29 & 30, 1917

State High School Diploma for Christine Butler April 7, 1922

Let's Cement Our Building Future Southeastern Louisiana College Alumni Day Banquet May 22, 1954

Presented to Leon Ford, III as President of the Exchange Club of Hammond, Louisiana 1966

Judge Leon Ford III City Court of Hammond January 1, 1967 - October 15, 1974

Outstanding Citizenship Award Awarded by the Kiwanis Club of Hammond to Leon Ford III 1968

Leon Ford III Juris Doctor Degree from Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College April 6, 1968

Tangipahoa Parish Chapter LSU Alumni Federation Judge Leon Ford President 1973

Certificate of Appreciation Presented to Leon Ford by the Kiwanis Club of Denham Springs July 18, 1974

Service Award Presented to Judge Leon E. Ford III by Louisiana Council of Juvenile Court Judges March 15, 1975

Presented to Virginia F. Ford as Campaign Chairman Hammond United Givers 1976

Presented to Judge Leon Ford III "Guest Speaker" Sweetheart Banquet Ebenezer Baptist Church February 13, 1976

Blue Knights of America Membership Certificate Presented to Judge Leon Ford III March 13, 1976

Presented to Virginia F. Ford by Hammond United Givers 1977

Presented to Leon Ford III as Chief Judge of the 21st Judicial District Court 1982-1984

Presented to Ginger Ford by Tangipahoa Area United Way 1983

Presented to Judge Leon Ford III by S. E. LA. Historical Assn. 1984

Presented to Ginger Ford by Hammond's First Five 1985


Box # 3 Awards Continued

Tangipahoa Area United Way Heart of Gold Club Judge and Mrs. Leon Ford 1991-1992

In Recognition of the Ford Family for Their Vision in Establishing and Supporting Ginger Ford Habitat for Humanity 1992-2002

North Oaks Health System Presented to Judge Leon Ford III July 29, 1996

The Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc. Certify Leon Ford, III a Member of Friends of the United States Air Force Museum December 16, 1997

The Florida Parishes Chapter of the American Inns of Court Honors Judge Leon Ford, III Master of the Bench Lifetime Achievement Award May 2001

Leon Ford, III 27 Years Board Member Citizens National Bank AmSouth Bank December 13, 2001

Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Association Honorary Certificate Presented to Golden Graduate Leon Ford, III December 15, 2001

Charter Member Certificate Awarded to Judge Leon Ford, III March 23, 2002

Southeastern Louisiana University Golden Ambassador Award Honorable Leon Ford III '51 May 18, 2002

Friend of Youth Award Presented to Judge Leon Ford III by the New Honors Youth Service Bureau August 2002

The American Inns Court Foundation Certificate to The Honorable Leon Ford, III a Master of the Bench

Service Above Self Leon Ford was the Guest Speaker of the Rotary Club of Hammond, La

Concerned Youth Organization Hammond-Ponchatoula Certificate Awarded to Judge Leon Ford, III

Justice for All Honest Attorney at Law Deeds-Wills Special Legal Advice for Widows and Orphans

Lakefront Airport 50 Years Plaque

Waterford Crystal Lion

Crystal Circle with Southeastern Louisiana University "S" Symbol

From Collection of Leon Ford III P.O. Box 1536 Stamp

Judge Leon Ford III Stamp

Railway Express Agency Inc. Stamp

Leon Ford III Judge, Division D Door Nameplate

Leon Ford III Confederate Air Force Nametag


Box # 4

NAS New Orleans Aviation History 15 July 41-December 46

Green Cap with a yellow star

J.Q.M.D. 1941 Green Cap

Flight Ace Blue Cap

Eagle Brand Blue Cap

Bancroft Uniform Blue Cap

Lockbourne Air Base Exchange Green Cap

American Legion US Hammond Louisiana 156 Black Cap

Air Mail Brown Cap

Railway Express Agency Green Cap

(3) US Army AWS Air Force Observer Banner

Japanese Banner

Baton Rouge Army Air Field Patch

Retired United States Air Force Patch

Confederate Air Force 1939-1945 Ghost Squadron Patch

United States of America Flag Patch

(6) Air Force Patch with a 5 and a comet surrounded by stars

Air Force Blue and Yellow Patch that says Wright

Air Force Patch with Korea at top and a 5 and a comet surrounded by stars

(5) Air Force Patch with a 9, a star, and wings

Air Force Patch with a 13, a star, and wings

Air Force patch with a 3 and a star

(3) Air Force Patch with a UA symbol, a star, a kettle, and wings

Air Force Patch with 5 small stars, 1 big star, and wings

Air Force Patch with a bow and arrow

Air Force Patch with wings, a star, and 4 lines

Air Force Patch with a star, a sun, and red and white stripes

(2) Air Force Patch with wings and a star

Air Force Patch with an eagle carrying a stick and a star

Air Force Patch with a tiger and a star

Air Force Patch with tiger head

Air Force Patch with long gold arrow

Air Force Patch with a red, blue and white symbol that looks like 2 5's

Judge Ford Coonass Militia Patch

Pair of Electrically Heated Pilot Shoes


Box # 5 Survival Kit

(3) Type II Goggle M-1943

(2) Emergency Signaling Mirror

Spit and Gaff Hooks Assembly Parts

Life Raft Tablet Ration

Sea Dye Marker

Shark Repellent Compound Packet

(6) First-Aid Packet U.S. Government Carlisle Model

Survival Cards for South East Asia GTA 21-7-1, 1 Apr. 1968

(2) Whistle

(2) V for Victory Matches

Eveready Insect Repellent

Survival Kit Parachute Pack SRU-16/P

Aviation Survival Fire Starter

Thompson Self-Locking Steel Snare

Green Hook Carrier

(2) Orange Hook in an Orange Hook Carrier

Head Mosquito Net

(4) Plastic Weapon Cover

Black Pocket Knife

Plastic Green Cylinder

Distress Light Marker

Corps of Engineers U.S. Army Manufactured by Superior Magneto Corp. Compass

Department of the Army Technical Manual Operator's Manual for Vest, Survival, SRU-21/P Hot Climate June 1970

Memorandum Receipt for Complete Parachute Assembly and First Aid Packets for Hammond AAF Station Dated July 18, 1945


Box # 6

Railway Express Agency Express Belt

WWII Belt Side Pocket with a rope 1942

(3) Leather Cartridge Box

(3) Small Leather Cartridge Box

Leather Belt

Small Broken Leather Belt

Black Leather Cartridge Box

Green and Black Cartridge Box

Small Black Leather Cartridge Box

Carbine Sling from Bill Mason

Jap Model 38 Sling

(9) Slings

(3) Small Slings

(6) Old Book Binder - 3 large and 3 small

Black Leather US Bullet Holster

West Wall Ring

Merit Cross with Swords Ring

Ring with a cross on top and 1914 on side

(2) Ghost Squadron Confederate Air Force 1939-1945 Sticker

Ghost Squadron Confederate Air Force 1939-1945 Pin


Infantry Pin

(2) Wings Pin

(2) American Aviation Pin

WWII American Insignia Flight Officer Pin Set

Cap-Pilot Wings Pin

(6) Confederate Air Force Pin

Korean Service Cross with Ribbon and Sword Pin

Cuban Spanish American War Pin

National Defense Pin

Korean Service Pin for the United States of America

Korean Service Pin for the United Nations

Instructor AAFTS Pin

United States Air Force Air University Pin

Pin with a 5 and a comet surrounded by stars

(2) Pin with a 9, wings, and a star

Small Cross with Ribbon Pin

(2) Ice Machine Token

(2) Air Force Association 1946-2000 Coin

Wartime Steel Cents 1943

Mail Car Art Gallery and RPO Museum Ponchatoula Louisiana 1982

(4) Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival 1982

(2) Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival 1971-1988

First Guaranty Bank Square 1975

(3) New Orleans Railway and Light Co. 1919 good for one cash fare

Dallas Railway Co. City Lines good for one city fare

(2) Natalbany Lumber Co. Ltd. 25 cents good only at company's store

The Sumter Lumber Co. Electric Mills Miss. good for $1.00 in merchandise

Easterling Lumber Co. Ora, Miss. good for 25 cents in merchandise

Capital Transit Co. one fare in the dist. of Col.

The Moreton and Helms Lumber Co. Springs, Miss. 5 cents good only at company's store

Philadelphia PRT good for one fare

Hot Springs St. Ry. Co. good for one fare

Pittsburg PA 1922 good for one fare

Shipwreck Treasure Coin

USA Half Dollar 1776-1976

USA One Dollar 1979

USA Quarter Dollar 1978

USA One Cent 1945

USA Twenty Centavos 1918

USA Twenty Centavos 1916

USA Twenty Centavos 1945

Canada 25 cents 1968

Canada 1 cent 1979

ICRR Pass 90

Texaco Food Mart Car Wash

E. Prieto Mandeville, LA good for 10 cents in merchandise

Fort Polk Open Mess NCO 10 cents in trade

(3) Luxury Tax 1 Token Louisiana

(3) Tax Commission Mississippi 1 cent Sales Tax Token to Make Change for Correct Sales Tax Payment

Luxury Tax 1 Token Alabama State Tax Commission

Public Welfare Tax 1 Token Louisiana

Tax Commission Mississippi 1 Sales Tax Token to Make Change Correct for Sales Tax Payment

(18) Coin with a 10 and writing in a different language

(2) Coin with a circle in the middle and writing in a different language


Box # 7

(4) Nazi Pin

Infantry Assault Badge

Luftwaffe Parachute Badge

Anti-Aircraft War Badge

Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge

(9) Nazi Belt Buckle

(13) WWI Buttons of W.L. Jennings

(5) German Tag and (3) Chain

(14) Magazine Holder

(3) Magazine Bottom - 2 are Broken

(2 ½) Pairs of Gun Grip

Herrett's Shooting Stars Genuine Walnut Handgun Stocks

Luger Magazine Bottom Piece and Pair of Franzite Gun Grip for Luger Automatic

USA Magazine

Mauser Magazine

Walther Magazine

BW Magazine

OIB Magazine

SSU Magazine

P. Mod. 27 Magazine

P. Mod. 37 Magazine

(2) 19200 Magazine

Long Magazine with a slight curve

(2) Large Magazines

(2) Magazine Wrapped in Brown Wax Paper

(6) Magazine - HSC early, HSC late, CZ 27, PP, 38H early

(2) Magazine belonging to WWII Gen. Shaver Div. Remrand

(2) Magazine for Automatic Colt 45

(10) Unidentified Magazines

Pair of Epaulettes

Pair of Dog Tags belonging to William A. Domin

Mint Genuine Colt Grips for M 1911 A 1

(15) Bullet Clips

10 Round Clip of Mauser Bullets

Caliber 30 Carbine 10 Round Clip

6 Cartridge Grenade Carbine Caliber .30M6

20 Caliber Bullet

40 Caliber Bullet

43 Caliber Bullet

Krag 30-40

(2) Green Cartridge Belt

Nazi Eagle Paper Weight

Nazi Metal Plate

Nazi Eagle Medallion

Nazi Letter Holder

Nazi Iron Cross

(2) Nazi Medals

(4) Nazi Currency Coin

(3) WWI European Tokens

(2) Rope- 1 rope has "HICKOK 1943"

German M-16 Helmet Liner

(3) German Potato Masher Hand Grenade


Box # 8 Straw Baskets


Square with top

(2) Kettle

(3) Cylinder

(4) Rectangular

(2) Rectangular Flat

(2) Circle Flat

Square Flat


Box # 9 Helmets

Gray Helmet

Grayish Black Helmet

(2) Green Helmet

(2) Black Nazi Helmet

(3) Green Nazi Helmet

Faded Blue Nazi Helmet

Blue Nazi Helmet with Luftschutz on front

Brown Helmet with star, two swords, and chain on front

Rusty Green Colored Nazi Helmet

Rusty Colored Helmet with RF on front

Rusty Colored Helmet with diamond, star, and warrior head on front


Box # 10 Holsters

Jap for Browning 1910 of B.G. Ben Locke USAF Ret. from Merrill O. Hines 8-15-99

Luftwaffe Luger for Krieghoff 9138 Merrill O. Hines 8-15-99

Luftwaffe Luger from Merrill O. Hines 8-15-99

Radom from Merrill O. Hines Jr. 7-13-99

P35 Radom from Merrill O. Hines Jr. 7-13-99

Walther PPK DRGMAKAH Political Leader 6-7-99

Unique 35211 5-27-99

PPK Police DRGMAKAH from Merrill O. Hines 2-5-99

For Frmaru P 37 # 54835 Acq. from Merrill O. Hines 2-4-99

Jaudon DRGM PP 330 7751 Red Grip 8-5-98

Luftwaffe "Drop" Type for P-37 from Bill Mason 12-19-97

Jap T.26 Double Action Only Revolver from Merrill O. Hines 11-15-97

1935 Police Luger ACQ Houston Robert Beers 2-3-96

PP Jhg 42 Gustav Genschow & Co. A.G. 10-7-94

Black Wunderlicn Berlin 1964

Black Wunderlicn Berlin 1963

TPL ZL & TL 1945

WWII C.G.H. & Co. Pistol 1944

HSC Police Early High Polish Otto Sindel Berlin 1943

(2) US Graton & Knight Co. WWII 1943

38H 354047 A. Fischer Berlin C.2 1942

US Enger-Kress 1942

CWW 1942

FTC 1942

P38 JKH 1940

Karl Ackva Bad Kreuznach 1938

Kreighoff Luftwaffe from Bill Mason 1937

P.08 S142 1937

1937 - 1411

A. Fischer Berlin C.2 2829 1933

US Warren Leather Goods Co. CWA 1918

P.35 Belgium Nazi P640 (b) From Bill Mason

Bianchi #3 Pistol Pocket 2" S & W Chief

Jap T-14 from Brooks Robinson

HSC 896819 PPK

Property of US P.O. Dept. 964

US Military Issue 1911A1 Cathey Enterprises 7791466

Brown Leather Manufactured by Trevino S.A. Monterrey N.L. Mexico

(4) Brown Leather

(2) Black Leather

Black Leather SP Made in USA

Black Leather US Pistol Bolen Lea Production 7791495

Brown Leather Holster with a Hickok 36 Nazi belt

Reddish Leather Holster with a 36 Nazi belt

Black Leather US Holster with a belt

Black Leather Holster attached to a wooden board by a strap and a Black Magazine Holder on the strap

Brown Jap

Ontario SP USA

Aker San Diego California

Perfect Fit Towson 882

Johnson Reference Books

P-39t CZ 38

P-38 BYF 44 2-Tone

ITHACA 1911 A-1 US 1872434

Railway Express Agency 304 ½ B 38

Bahnpolizei RR Police

Sauer 38H Police Early

Sauer 38H Late Model

Safariland 9M/M

US WWI Colt 1911

US WWII Colt 45

US Enger-Kress

CZ-27 456299 Jhg 44

HSC Late




Jhg 44



Box # 11

US Blue Army Uniform - pants, shirt, and belt

Army Winter Shirt of Sgt. Billy Domin of 104th Timberwolf Division 1991

(2) US Green Army Air Forces Survival Vest Type C-1

US Yellow Government Pneumatic Life Vest with Life Jacket Dye Marker

US Army Diaphragm Gas Mask

US Army Aviation Oxygen Mask

US Army Air Forces Camera Gun Type N-6

US Rifle Bag 1944

Brown Leather Rifle Bag

Rifle Cleaning Rod, M1 C6573

Computer Dead Reckoning for Altitude and Air Speed Computations

White Licensed Plate - ALEX.AFB LA 417

Variable Density Goggles and 3 Broken Plastic Red Visors

Eyeshield M-1

Hider, Flash M-3


Gas Can


Artillery Shell


(3) Canteen Can

(2) Pistol Grip

(7) Army Belt

(8) Carrying Case

Carrying Case with a Grenade Launcher Sight M-15

IC Dining Service Bag with a chain and a lock attached

Hertel and Reuss Optik Kassel Binoculars

Black Artas Light

Stereo Realist Attachment for Photoflash Model ST 52 and Bulb

Stereo Realist Coated Optical Glass Filters Model ST 51-2

Stereo Realist Viewer Model ST-61

(2) Reflector Shield

Pigeon Self-Timer

Tripod Stand

New York World's Fair 1939 Pie Cutter

New York World's Fair 1939 Spoon

(2) Chicago A Century of Progress 1933 Spoon

New York World's Fair 1939 Tray

Chicago A Century of Progress 1933 Tray

New York World's Fair 1939 Scarf

New York World's Fair 1939 Matches

New York World's Fair 1939 Bowl with Mr. Peanut

(3) New York World's Fair 1939 Small Bowl with Mr. Peanut

New York World's Fair 1939 Food Exhibits Glass

New York World's Fair 1939 Amusements Glass

New York World's Fair 1939 Production Glass

New York World's Fair 1939 Clothing and Shelter Glass

New York World's Fair 1939 150th Anniversary of George Washington's Inauguration Coin

World Fair 1939 Glass Bottle

Texas Centennial 1936 Glass

(5) Empire State Building, New York City Cup Mat

Oak Street Hammond Louisiana Plate

Hammond State Bank Box with a possible Key to the Box received about 1917

Wooden Picture of a House Given to Leon Ford from Iris Forbes Coleman

(2) Wooden Plates

Metal Tin Cup

Aluminum Food Tray with Dividers

Brown Leather Jacket with Bugs Bunny Head on upper left area

Air Express Division Railway Express Agency Inc. Ashtray

Railroad Spike

McDonald's Animal Pals Brown Bear

Happy Birthday Card Given to Leon Ford from Helen, Sheldon, and Christopher

Coin Bag Seal Presses by Porter Safety Seal Co. Chicago Patented June 10, 1902 Stamps "AM. EX. CO. 1277"

P. Gibson of Marking Devices Tool Pat. 1.394.165 1.676.017 Stamps "US"

J. Brooks & Co. NY. Tool Patented December 7, 1997 Winterpark, FL Stamps "Winterpark FLA. KY. EX. AGY. 93691"

J. Brook & Co. NY. Tool Stamps "AM RY EX 15644 Schulenburg Tex"

Tool that Stamps "WF & CO EX P2061"

US Army Padded Lock with Key

AM. EX. CO. Padded Lock

GARR J.H.W. Climax Co. Newark N.J. USA Padded Lock with a small chain attached

Atlantic Coast La R.R. Co. Padded Lock

Key to a Padded Lock

The Evolution of John Deere Tractors 1892-1960

Toy Trains

(2) Railroad Cart from 1938 hauling 3 logs

Borden's Milk Tank Car 9853

Sinclair 9853

Sunshine Special

Armour Refrigerator Line 14471

Tootsietoy RR 4697

Tootsietoy RR 004695

USA 888 Glass Train

Black Train

Clock stand


Box # 12

(2) Fulbright Scholarships USA 32 cents stamp

The Jap Soldier by The Infantry Journal Washington

Hotel Robert Fulton 228 West 71st Street NYC notepad

W.K.C. Waffenfabrik G.M.B.H. Solingen Wald Blanke Waffen Allerart

Casey Jones' Locker Railroad Historiana by Frederic Shaw San Francisco 1959

The Friendly Southern Pacific Lines Time Tables 4 Scenic Routes January 15, 1954

Jungle Desert Arctic Ocean Survival Emergencies by United States Army Air Forces

Wells Fargo & Co Express Official Directory Third Edition Issued December 15, 1916

Example of a V-Mail Letter as received after having been reduced in size and reprinted

Official Guide Book New York World's Fair 1939 The World of Tomorrow Third Edition

Official Guide Book New York World's Fair 1939 The World of Tomorrow Second Edition

The Heinz 57 at the Fair The Agricultural Building A Century of Progress Exposition brochure

A Flying Museum Home of Sentimental Journey Arizona Wing Confederate Air Force brochure

St. Martinville, Louisiana The Land of Evangeline in Picture Story by Leona Martin Guirard 1968

United States of America Office of Price Administration War Ration Book No. 3 for Frank Bert Thomas

Handy Book for Drivers A Few Simple But Important Rules For Your Guidance American Railway Express

(2) Strawberry Festival Ponchatoula, Louisiana 70454 Strawberry Capital of the World April 8, 2000 envelope

(2) Past Masters' Night Livingston Lodge No. 160, F. & A. M. Hammond, La. Friday, November 29th, 1935 program

The Story of Casey Jones the Brave Engineer "The Man at the Throttle" by B.W. Overall Jackson, Tennessee 1956

The Sperry K-3 Automatic Computing Sight Operation and Maintenance Part 2 Operation by Department Lowry Field March 1944

V-Mail Envo-Letters - contains 22 blank combination sheets and envelopes for rush photographic mail to our armed forces overseas

Notes and Maps of Interest to Travelers and Shippers American Express Co. General Offices 65 Broadway New York pamphlet

Greater Texas and Pan American Exposition Dallas June 12 to Oct 31 Bright Spot on the Nation's Vacation Map for 1937 brochure

American Express Company National Express Company List of Offices of the American and National Express Companies Issued August 1, 1915

Roses of Yesterday and Today Old-Fashioned-Rare-Unusual Selected Modern Roses 1951-1952 The Lester Rose Gardens Watsonville, California

High Road to Promontory Building the Central Pacific (now the Southern Pacific) Across the High Sierra by George Kraus Palo Alto, California 1969

Louisiana A Tourist Guide to Points of General and Historic Interest Issued in Connection with Louisiana Highway Commission Tourist Map by J.G. Ewing 1932

Railway Express Agency 3271 What Happens When You Ship A Package brochure

Railway Express Agency Incorporated General Rules and Instructions New York July 1, 1948

Railway Express Agency Incorporated Directory of Saturday Service (Sixth Revision) March 27, 1956

Railway Express Agency Incorporated Supplement No. 3 to Directory of Saturday Service (Third Revision) April 1, 1953

Railway Express Agency Incorporated Local and Joint Schedule of First and Second Class Express Rates 16 Issued November 14, 1956

Railroad Magazine At the New York Fair: The World's Largest and Heaviest Steam Passenger Engine, Operating at Speed September Issue

(2) Railway Express Agency Incorporated Supplement to Joint Directory of Express Stations Showing Block Numbers and Sub-Block Letters Designating Their Locations Issued May 16, 1962

(2) Railway Express Agency Incorporated Official Directory List of Offices with Block Location and Schedule of First and Second-Class Express Rates No.13 Twelfth Edition Effective November 15, 1951

Newspaper Photo titled "Hammond's Outstanding Citizens"

Laminated Newspaper Article titled "Piloting More Than Planes City Names Street After Leon Ford" December 23, 2001

Newspaper Article titled "Charity Ball Stages a Golden Evening and Ford and Schneider Outstanding" from Hammond La. Daily Star February 20, 1978 (with a photo)

The Hammond La. Daily Star Newspaper on January 2, 1967: one article in the newspaper is titled "Ford Sworn In, Judge Pierson Bows Out After 31 Years" (with a photo)

White Binder with Currency Coins and Dollars


Box # 13 (oversized)

United States Air Force Retired Reserve transfer certificate, awarded to Captain Leon Ford III, 5/15/1966.

Southeastern Louisiana College Bachelor of Arts diploma, granted to Leon Ford III on 5/31/1951. Appears to be slightly water-damaged.

Certificate of completion of the Judge Advocate General Staff Officer Course at Air University, Air Command & Staff School, United States Air Force. Awarded to 1st Lt. Leon Ford III on 12/12/1952.

Certificate, United States Court of Military Appeals, certifies that Leon Ford III was admitted and qualified on 7/8/1955.

Class photo, The National College of Juvenile Justice at the University of Nevada, Summer 1969. Judge Ford pictured, top right.

Certificate of completion of full course of study, National College of Juvenile Justice at the University of Nevada, Reno. Awarded to Hon. Leon Ford III on 8/15/1969.

Photograph of the Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa Parish Bar Association, 21st Judicial District, Louisiana, 1973. Judge Ford pictured, top right.

Louisiana State University Law School “Moot Court Advisory Board” certificate, certifying that Leon Ford III served from 1950 – 1951 in a satisfactory manner. Awarded 11/16/1951.

Framed news clipping, “Why I Dropped the Bomb,” by Harry Truman. 12/4/1988. Front page only.

State of Louisiana Executive Department, Leon Ford III appointment as district judge, 21st Judicial District, Division D. 10/14/1974.

State of Louisiana Executive Department, Leon Ford III appointment as district judge, 1/1/1979.

LSU & Agricultural & Mechanical College Bachelor of Laws diploma, granted to Leon Ford III on 6/2/1952.

State of Louisiana Executive Department, signifying Judge Leon Ford III’s appointment as notary public, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. 8/5/1952.

Rolled print. Seventeen men in white coats, seated & standing. No date or other identifying features. Some names on back but the photo is too fragile to flatten out to read & properly identify individuals.

Rolled print. Hammond Lumber Co., LTD. Hammond, LA. 122 men & women workers, no date but appears to be 1920s or 1930s.

Rolled print. Employees of the Union Tank Car Co., Baton Rouge, LA. Inscription on back reads: “From Hazel Morris 6 Dec 1994. To Irene Morris, to Leon Ford 31 May 1995.” Seventy-two men, seated & standing in front of a locomotive in the train yard. 4/27/1928.

Large rolled print. Scene from Leon & Ginger Ford’s wedding. ND. (4)