Archival Collection




1. Photograph of an unidentified man (tintype 1″ x 1

2. Personal Correspondence:

a) Crete, Saline Co., Nebraska, May 1, 1888

b) Hammond, Louisiana, October 12, 1889

c) Osyka, Mississippi, July 28, 1891

3. Business Correspondence:

a) Reid & Purser, March 9, 1905

b) Mixon & McGehee, December 18, 1917

c) The Richard Carter Company (brochure about A. R. C.

c) The Richard Carter Company, Hammond, Louisiana, October 13,

d) The Richard Carter Company, Gulfport, Mississippi, November
18, 1920

e) The Richard Carter Company, Gulfport, Mississippi, June 28,

4. Poem: The Bible

5. Insurance Information:

a) The Unscrupulous Twister (brochure about Fraternal

b) Jefferson Life and Casualty Co., Birmingham, Alabama (empty

c) Patient’s Claim Form (two blank forms from Union
Bankers Insurance Company, Dallas, Texas 75226)

6. Canceled Checks:

a) The Bank of Baton Rouge (14 checks written between September
4-October 13, 1924)

b) The Bank of Hammond (30 checks written between February 7,
1907-December 16, 1919)

c) The First State Bank & Trust Company of Hammond,
Louisiana (4 checks written between February 3, 1919-April 16,

7. Notes:

a) The First State Bank and Trust Company of Hammond, Louisiana,
(6 notes between September 27, 1907 and August 30, 1919)

b) Hammond State Bank-February 29, 1916 and May 5, 1922

8. Receipts: Five; Cash Register Receipts: Two

9. Tax Receipts for Livingston and Tangipahoa Parishes:

a) 1883-1900 (27 receipts for Charles Johnson and Lawrence

b) 1901-1919 (27 receipts for Lawrence Jacobsen)

c) 1920-1936 (29 receipts for Lawrence Jacobsen)




10. Certificate of Registration (voter) for Ward 6, Precinct 2,
Tangipahoa Parish for L. Jacobsen

11. Legal Papers (3 items)

12. Frank M. Edwards, Jr. Sheriff and Ex-Officio Tax Collector

13. Miscellaneous Items:

a) Name tag for Betty to the 32nd Session, Louisiana Baptist
Encampment, Mandeville, Louisiana, July 4-13, 1950

b) Postcard of Band Stand, Fox Park, La Porte, Ind. Written to
Betty Jean Bankston, Hammond, Louisiana from Lloyd & Nell, May
30, 1939

c) Postcard of “The Lord’s Prayer” to Betty Bankston,
Tickfaw, Louisiana, from Barbara, July 26, 1950

d) Graduation Invitation from Hammond High School, May 22,

e) Report Card from Natalbany School, Grade 7, for Betty Jean
Bankston, 1945-56

f) Program for Commencement Exercises from Hammond High School,
May 21, 1951

g) Perfect Attendance Certificate from Hammond High School for
Betty Bankston for 1950-1951

h) Page from an unidentified Program showing The Hammond Kiwanis
Club and The Hammond Civitan Club

i) Newspaper clipping about marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Alvin
Moore. The bride is _______

Jacobsen of Baton Rouge

j) Newspaper clipping showing Mrs. Willard M. Thomas, the former
Miss Fay Gloria Hughes, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Lee Dewey Hughes
of Natalbany

14. Wallet (very tattered)

BOX 2 (flat box)

Photograph Albums (3)

BOX 3 (brown box)

A wooden storage box (16 ½” Long x 7″ High x 8″ Wide)