L.E. Miller

Archival Collection

L.E. Miller Collection

Box 1

Folder 1.

1. Handwritten notes re: Navigation problem at the mouth of the
Mississippi River,

1698 – 1880, 12 pgs.

2. Handwritten notes re: Minutes of the conference called by
President of the Associated

Branch Pilots to discuss legislation by the New Orleans – May 3,
1966 – at Pilot


3. Bound book – National Academy of Sciences – Symposium on
Piloting and Vessel

Traffic Systems, September 12-13, 1979 – By George A. Quick,

Association of Maryland Pilots, 44 pgs.

4. Department of Transportation – Coast Guard – Marine Casualty
Report – SS Keytrader

And SS Baune (Norwegian) Collision in the Mississippi River on
18 January

1974 With Loss of Life – U.S. Coast Guard Marine Board of

Report and Commandant’s Action – Action by National
Transportation Safety

Board, 55 pgs.

– attached – Letter from W.E. Whaley, Jr, Commander, U.S. Coast
Guard to

Captain Louis E. Miller, July 19, 1977

Folder 2.

1. Pilotage in Confined Waterways of the United States: A
Preliminary Study of Pilot

Decision Making – J.R. Huffner – Interim Report – July 1976 –
Prepared for

Department of Transportation, United States Coast Guard, Office
of Research

and Development, 210 pgs.

– attached – Letter from Jack Huffner, Maritime Institute of
Technology and Graduate

Studies to Captain Louis E. Miller, February 21, 1977

Folder 3.

1. Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Associated Branch Pilots;
Minutes of the Regular

Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Associated
Branch Pilots,

1936 – 1949